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IMPAQTO Capital invests in Cusi

María Fernanda Illanez and José Luis Quintero, Co-Founders of Cusi, with one of the smallholder farming communities the company works with.

Photo: Cusi

Quito, April 24, 2024


IMPAQTO Capital announces an investment in Cusi, an Ecuadorian company that develops and markets healthy food products, working with communities engaged in organic production and fair trade. IMPAQTO Capital is investing through a loan.

Ecuador boasts a unique range of superfood raw materials, such as quinoa, yucca, green plantain, cocoa, and more. Cusi harnesses the richness of Ecuadorian raw materials and, through product development and innovation, transforms them into baking mixes, crackers, tortillas, and other healthy, gluten-free snacks.

Currently, Cusi offers 22 SKUs and sells through various channels in Ecuador and exports internationally. Cusi has been certified as a B Corporation since 2021, reflecting the commitment to social and environmental impact of the company’s founders, María Fernanda Illanez and José Luis Quintero.

María Fernanda Illanez, CEO and Co-Founder of Cusi, commented: "This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence and sustainable growth. IMPAQTO Capital shares our vision of a more sustainable and equitable future, and we are excited to work together to make it a reality. Their experience and support will enable us to expand further and bring our products and values to a wider audience."

Cusi supports 60 farming families producing quinoa and yucca in the Ecuadorian highlands and Amazon, allowing them to receive training and generate more income. By partnering with organic farmers, they support regenerative practices and empower local communities with fair income and access to markets.

"We have known María Fernanda and José Luis for years, through their participation in IMPAQTO's entrepreneur-support programs and events, and we have seen how Cusi has grown over time. They offer a range of innovative products, leveraging and adding value to the superfood raw materials offered by Ecuador. We believe in María Fernanda and José Luis’s potential to continue innovating with new products and take Cusi to other markets and distribution channels," said Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter, General Partner at IMPAQTO Capital.

The investment will be used to strengthen the company's production capacity and improve the efficiency of its production plant.

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