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Companies with headquarters and/or significant operations in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia or Chile

Social impact

A positive social impact among vulnerable groups, with a focus on low-income communities, or a strong environmental impact. The impact must be well-defined and measurable.


Minimum of US$200,000 in annual revenue

Regional Vision

Companies focused on regional markets with scalable models

What are we looking for?
How do we invest?

IMPAQTO Capital invests tickets between US$50,000 and US$200,000 through mezzanine debt, principally revenue-based financing.


We offer collateral-free loans in which the company makes payments based on a percentage of its revenue. This is non-dilutive capital with a grace period and flexible payments.


Revenue-based financing is a good option for entrepreneurs who want to raise flexible capital without diluting their equity and without the pressure to look for an exit.



We are active in supporting our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and measure their impact, as well as facilitating connections with mentors, investors, and other ecosystem actors.

If your company meets our requirements, fill out the form below to tell us about your company and the investment you are looking for.

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