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Our portfolio companies are solving some of the Andean region’s most challenging social and environmental problems


Sinba is a Peruvian company established in 2016, dedicated to collecting, processing, and repurposing organic and inorganic waste through a circular economy approach. They actively promote environmental responsibility among households and businesses, alongside implementing professionalization mechanisms and advocating for fair trade practices among grassroots recyclers.


Fibrazo bridges the digital divide by linking households in marginalized communities to the internet using high-speed fiber optic networks, thereby addressing the connectivity disparity among low-income populations.


ELSA utilizes advanced technological solutions to empower companies in mitigating and preventing instances of sexual harassment within the workplace environment. Through innovative tools and strategies, ELSA offers comprehensive support aimed at fostering safer and more respectful organizational cultures. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ELSA provides tailored solutions that enable companies to proactively address and manage issues related to sexual harassment, thereby promoting a more inclusive and conducive work environment for all employees.


Cusi develops and markets healthy food products, working with smallholder farming communities and associations engaged in organic farming and fair trade. Cusi harnesses the richness of Ecuadorian superfoods as raw materials and, through product development and innovation, transforms them into baking mixes, crackers, tortillas, and other healthy, gluten-free snacks.

Our Partners

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