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IMPAQTO Capital invests in and supports companies generating a deep social and/or environmental impact in the Andean Region. We designed the investment thesis and structure to cover two key gaps in the access to capital for entrepreneurs in the region, the “missing middle” financing gap and the lack of access to the right type of capital.

The Missing Middle

IMPAQTO Capital addresses the gap in the access to capital for SMEs and early-stage startups in Latin America known as the “missing middle”. We generally invest in companies with between $200,000 and $3 million of annual revenue, companies too big for microfinance but often not yet able to access institutional equity capital or bank loans at reasonable terms.

The Right Type of Capital

We are focused on providing the right type of capital through flexible mezzanine debt instruments, primarily revenue-based loans. Our collateral-free revenue-based loans provide flexible, non-dilutive capital, expanding the spectrum of capital tools available to entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

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